Fender Play Guitar Lessons Review & Coupons

Fender play is an online guitar lessons site together with bass and ukulele lesson programs. But the section mostly focuses on guitar lessons. Going for private lessons tends to inspire and a slow path to learning guitar. 30 to 60 minutes once every seven days, where the instructor or tutor can provide you with the necessary materials to absorb.

To whom does the finder player target

This program is great for beginners because on many occasion the instructor assumes that you have no idea on the guitar and probably it is your first time to use it. However, one is allowed to skip over the parts he/she knows about like for beginner materials.

The fender play instruction materials are mainly for beginners who aim at starting from scratch. The instructions are clear and helpful, although the pace is a little bit slower although, for beginners, it is the best. On the positive side too, the lesson is short clips hence taking less of your time but direct to the point.

Learning path

When you first sign in. You choose your suitable instrument and musical style, and there is an option of changing them too if you are not familiar with the one you had selected.

Each path consists of five levels; level one is for primary to the more advanced and technical lessons. The good thing about the standards is that they contain the exercise, technique and even the songs that smoothen the boredom of the environment.


The fender playing has a lot of technique video that the users can browse on their own, they cover the concepts of what it is and when is done/used and procedures.


A chord is a collection of notes sounded or whispered together, typically three or more. In every harmony a diagram and a brief video is showing how to make or form a chord on a guitar, most of all there is also a hand that shows the chords as you would easily see and master quickly


There different types of songs used like rocks, country, folk, and pop music, even if you want to jump through to your favorite song you are allowed to do so.

Reasons why playing guitar is important

  1. Playing guitar is a form of therapy
  2. Playing guitar is known to be beneficial to people undergoing therapy sessions, treatment involves several people who have different challenges like not able to deal or manage stress; however, just a minute of guitar playing can give a better result.
  3. Enhances creativity – Using a guitar is one way of unleashing ones’ creativity. A guitar gives one an opportunity to open up their brains and get more inspired like never before.
  4. Sharpen your mind –  One is most likely to have sharper brain function, which will help in improving skills, thinking ability.
  5. Waves the stress away -Playing guitar and listening to music is the best method to reduce stress.
  6. Feel serious pleasure – By directly plugging a guitar, playing and listening to the music triggers the release of dopamine found in the brain and some chemicals that are released during activities like during intimacy. Nevertheless, it also creates relief and enhances feeling better.
    In conclusion, learning online is the future; it allows progress at a much faster pace.